Battle ~ Collect ~ Earn

Available Q4 2021
Game Design

Core Gameplay

At the root of good game design, there is always a simple core loop for the player to experience. We don't want to be experimental when it comes to fun and enjoyment and with it comes the core loop.

The game will have a story, non-player characters, and animated dinos fighting with other creatures. Overall, the game will get the biggest features from genres labeled as "idle games" and "turn-based card games" and it will be well mixed with "management" and "tycoon" game types.

Unique Features

Play to Earn

Set on the Islands of DINOX universe, you will find yourself surrounded by various packs of living dinosaurs. The catch and core idea is that they live on blockchain and you can digitally own them, take care of them, breed them, train them, and fight different creatures occupying the islands.


With earned or bought assets, the player is able to interact and customize based on the needs of the ecosystem and the game. You can equip your dino with different action cards, or change and upgrade the complex your dinos live in.


All assets of the ecosystem are based on blockchain technology. That means everything can be digitally owned, transferred, sold or auctioned either within the DinoX marketplace or any 3rd party marketplace that's publicly available.


Dinosaurs of DinoX are made as NFTs - Non Fungible Tokens. Every one of them is unique and can be owned only by one person on one address. This makes the collectible feature one of the strongest features of the project.

The plan


  • ▪ DNXC Token Sale
  • ▪ DinoX API v0.1
  • ▪ Generation 0 DNX
  • ▪ Marketplace v0.1
  • ▪ DNXI Introduction
  • ▪ Expanded Marketplace
  • ▪ DNX Generation 1 – 2
  • ▪ DinoX WORLD Alpha
  • ▪ DinoX API v1
  • ▪ DinoX WORLD Beta
  • ▪ DNX Generation 3-4
  • ▪ DNXI Full stack of items and entities
  • ▪ DinoX API v1.5
Coming soon

We will be releasing game related articles and information between development stages of the game. To learn more about the features of the game and ecosystem, sign up for our newsletter, follow us on our social channels and read our DinoX whitepaper.


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