Tokens and Assets

DinoX Universe utilizes 3 main assets which are deployed on Ethereum and Polygon – DNXC, DNX, and DNXI

DNX - Dinosaurs

  • ERC 721 / NFT
  • Building block of DinoX ecosystem
  • Represented as Dinosaurs
  • Fully generated and animated meta-assets
  • Available to be collected, traded, bred, trained
  • Start as unhatched eggs
  • Can be claimed as a reward for staking and playing the game
  • Can be bought in the marketplace as a single egg or as a part of booster packs

DNXC - Currency

  • ERC 20
  • Building block of DinoX token economics
  • Represented as Coins
  • Usable within the ecosystem as currency
  • Can be used for staking or within the marketplace
  • One of the most important rewards in the game and ecosystem

DNXI - L2 Tokens

  • ERC 1511
  • Most interactable token type
  • Represented as items within the game
  • Available on L2 networks (Polygon network)
  • Rewards for playing the game and available in the marketplace
  • Dino equipment, island upgrades, action cards ..

Stake to Earn & Govern

Users of DinoX will have an option to stake their DNXC tokens in exchange for rewards. Stake your tokens in weekly, monthly or annual staking pools, earning rewards based on the amount of time staked.

  • Participating in voting and governance
  • Playing the game and using other assets within the game
  • Completing the tasks all around the ecosystem and outside of the ecosystem
Amount to stake (DNXC) 100
Monthly DNXC Earning???
Monthly DNX Egg???
Coming soon


Total supply (DNXC)


Listing price


Initial market cap

with liquidity


160M DNXC TOTAL 11% 21% 18% 25% 15% 5% 5%
Seed Round11%17.6M DNXC
Private Round21%33.6M DNXC
Liquidity18%28.8M DNXC
Ecosystem Incentives25%40.0M DNXC
Team15%24.0M DNXC
Partners & Advisors5%8.0M DNXC
Reserve5%8.0M DNXC

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